Shankranti video about important festival for Nepalese

The relation of husband and wife is completely based on trust and faith. These are the two things that make any relation strong. This is a very short Nepali video which shows the importance of faithfulness in a relationship.

In the video husband and wife are sitting. The day is Shankranti which is a very important festival for Nepalese. The wife asks her husband to ask for some money with a man so that they can celebrate the festival. The husband too obeys and goes to the man. He asks the man for money and the man happily gives it to him after hearing that his wife asked him for it. The husband becomes very happy and goes to a near by meat shop. While buying for things all he can think about is having a good time with his wife because he loves her very much.
He goes home and calls his wife from the outside. She does not reply so gets in the house. Unfortunately he finds his wife sleeping with the same man who lend him the money. He gets sh*0cked and tra*umatized. The throws the bags and walks out of the house.

He feels [email protected] and sees his wife everywhere since he loves him way to much. He is depressed about what he saw and has no idea where he is going. Later he gets hit by a motorcycle and d!es.
This is a very sad story that has been uploaded on YouTube by the official channel of Music Nepal. The tragic and emotional video has been viewed 1 thousand, 7 hundred and 61 times.