Shir Bhanda by Som Limbu

Some of the couples want to get success together. They wants to be with each other in every up and down they face. They love each other so much and they want to hold each other in every moment of life.

They will never leave each other even though the problems arises, likewise this in this video too we can see the deep and immense love between the love pairs. They both are so deeply and madly love with each other that they want to be each other’s companion on every difficulties of their life. They both want to share their happiness, problems with each other. They cannot live without each other and they share so deep and fair love between each other and they want to grow old happily enjoying the moments with each other.

This beautiful love song was written by Pawan chamling where the composition and arrange was also done by him where the melody on this song or the vocal was given to this song by Som Limby and Shreyshu Chemjong. The video of this song was directed by Rohan Nepal, Anil shahi did the edition where Milan Shankar cinematographed this video.