Srimati Kai Tokaso video by Sunita Adhikari

Back in the days child marriage was a very common thing. Until now there are child marriage happening in many village areas but the number has decreased drastically. And now a very funny folk song has been made regarding child marriage. The title of the new Nepali comedy folk song is Srimati Kai Tokaso and it has been uploaded on the official YouTube channel of Music Nepal.

The song s very funny and the singers of the song are trying to capture a scenario of a couple who got married at a young age and now are not happy with each other. The song is very funny and the two singers try to blame each other for thing. Like the male singer sings about how much his wife does makeup and does not do any chores of house. The female singer too sings that other men go abroad after getting married and earn a lot of money where as he is home and is doing nothing.

The video of the song is also very funny and the models Bimal Adhikari and Bimali have done a perfect job acting as couples. The singer of the comedy folk song Srimati Kai Tokaso are Roshan Gairea and Sunita Adhikari. The director of the music video of the song is Kapil Lama.