Strange mystery behind existence Kathmandu Valley

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There has always been a debate subject with Kathmandu Valley and it’s origin.Lots of discussion and issue takes place for the Kathmandu Valley existence and it’s capability of density.

Limited Kathmandu valley but a capital city has always raise a lots of questions and dilemma for people. So, time and again the suggestions and discussion comes out that the shift of capital city in other valley and region. But the rearranging of capital from Kathmandu to other will cost a lot of expenses and time. So, Government have made strategy to for planned ten regional cities across country to control the load of Kathmandu valley.

The alternative of Government is the best conclusion is the state of related people. However, in the middle of this discussion, we are connecting some of the facts behind origin, human settlement and many other things of Kathmandu Valley.

In ancient time, Kathmandu Valley was a huge lake. It was called as Naghdaha. There is a belief that there used live Bishapswi Sage in a north-west of naghdaha, whose name was Bipaswi Buddha. At the same time, he planted a lotus flower in the lake. After some time, that lotus bloom out beautifully with the enlighten. That sage left his pupils and went far. After some gap of his leave, Sikhi Buddha, Yambhu Buddha and Manjushree from China reached there.

Historian believes that may be Yambhu Buddha have named the Swoyambhu after his name. The lake cut down into the valley with the plan ans strategy of Manjushree. Shikhi, Yambhu and Manjushress all these three came in valley at same time. They open the pond and instantly started a human settlement.