SUGAR PRESSURE BADYO video by Pashupati Sharma and Devi Gharti

SUGAR PRESSURE BADYO is a Nepali entertaining Lok Dohori song which shows the life cycle of the Nepali people. When they are in their young age they works hard and controls their food when they are young. there will be no enough money to afford whatever they like and they gets married raise their family and works for their family and when they gets old they gets suffered from some disease where they should control the diets.

They work a lot and when the time comes to relax and eat they gets sick and they are restricted to eat their favorite foods and here this same thing is shown in a very comedy way. This is the story about one family where the old parents are describing their story in the medium of the song.

Pashupati Sharma who is one of the popular lok dohori singer composed the lyrics and music of this song where he himself is being the model who is representing the story of this song along with other comedy actors like Palposha Dangol, Chamsuri. This song is very realistic song and the video is also shown in a realistic where this video is directed by Durga Poudel.