Suman Sanga Kanchan Sharma Regmi

People face various problems in their life but some people cannot face the problem and they quit living but some just tackle with their problem and they deal with and overcome through it. Here is the interview with Kanchan Sharma Regmi who has faced lots of struggle in her life.

She was married to Engineer and after he got government job she was hated by him and he gave her lots of trouble and he ended tearing her certificated and identity and brought her to the road leaving her there saying that he don’t need her. She was on the street for long time and faced lots of problem and no one helped her. Later on she was taken to pravasi Nepal and she was treated good there but she was ignored by her family including her own son. This br)ked her apart. Her son is an engineer too and they rides expensive cars and vehicles but when she calls them they just don’t care that she is their mother and she gave them birth. She has no complain with her husband and she don’t want to scold him but she got the pain that you can see in her eyes on this interview taken by Suman at Kantipur Channel.