Superhit featuring Binita Baral with Niranjan Pandey

Movie ‘Superhit’ treasure has been released. Actress Binita Baral has been featured in this movie. She is in America these days, at this time her movie has releases a teaser. This movie team is preparing for its release on Magh 22.

This has been casted Divyadev, Shisir Rana, Manju Shrestha with hot actress Binita Baral.Movies Infinity Creation Presents this movie. Suresh Rai has given the all music of this movie. Niranjan Pandey , Saurabh Dhakal and Binita Baral has written the story, screenplay and dialogues. Sudam CK and Mahesh Tripathi has carried out the production category. Niranjan and Sauerabh has screen the film in the camera with their creative and extra direction.

This treasure has made the viewer expected some extra ordinary plot of movie. This treasure carries a different type of presentation and script as usually seen in nepali movie industry.It also shows the glamour, crazy and wildness of movie.The release of movie will show how dynamic,interesting and engaging movie is this.