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Napattaya Chiri Hera video by Anju Panta

Napattaya Chiri Hera is a Nepali love song which is very touching and soothing and the lyrics of this song is beautifully created. With the love there will be insecurities, doubts in between and when the love gets deep this also gets deeper and there comes lots of misunderstanding and trust issue in between. Loving someone is not easy but …

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HAREK MANISKO Video By Anju Panta

Singer Anju Panta is revealing that some point of life of every people goes through pain and $tr*uggle. Every people goes through the hardship of journey and gets shattered into pieces. Anju Pant again made her appearance in the industry with her voice in the song “HAREK MANISKO” with these truth of life. Anju is shouting out loud that there …

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TIMI BINA video by Anju Panta

TIMI BINA is a beautiful song that describes the sad love story. When people leaves you there will be only memory left and that memory k!lls you every time. Such a beautiful theme carrying song is written by Laxman paudel and the music of this song is also composed by him. Anju Panta who is one of the popular and …

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