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Badhchha Betha by Anju Panta

Badhchha betha is a very soothing and touching songs with beautiful lyrics and melodious voice. Heartbreak is the main theme of this song, when someone means a lot to you and you dedicate your entire life to him, you give him right to break your heart and thinks him own and starts dreaming about future with lots of expectation but …

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Timro Aankhama By Anju Panta

TIMRO AANKHAMA is a modern Nepali song which is taken from the album “Maya Ko Chino’. This song carries the lyrics of Manoj Kumar Pokhrel and the music of this song is composed by Raj Kumar Bagar where the melody on this song is filled by the very popular and demanded singer Anju Panta. She has given many hit songs …

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Yo Jindagi By Anju Panta

Anju Panta is among the most popular singers in Nepal. She has a very melodious and sweet voice which makes everyone feel the emotions that she is trying to express through her songs. The popular singer did get into some criticisms but the singer never gave up. The singer has now come up with a new single. The title of …

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