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Aabeg Ft Aryan Sigdel

After the release date of the film “Aabeg” is been fixed the trailer of this song is released in the YouTube. This film will be released in chaitra 12 and this movie was directed by Basanta Niraula. In this released trailer the actor Aryan Sigdel is shown in action avatar. This film is produced in the South Asian way. Aryan …

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Aryan- Suwash teamed up to make ‘Classic’

Before this Aryan Sigdel and Suwash Giri had mad the movie ‘November Rain’. After the success of their previous movie they once again teamed up to make movie ‘Classic’ together. They informed about this in a program organise on Monday in Kathmandu. The movie which is going to be presented by Aryan Sigdel Entertainment is going to be produce by …

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Four couples in the poster of ‘Nai Nabhannu La-3’

The official poster of the movie ‘Nai Nabhannu La -3′ has been released which is getting ready to get release in chaitra 27 in the occasion of New Year. Four couple can be seen in the released poster of the movie’ Nai Nabhannu La-3′. The poster of the movie ‘Nai Nabhannu La-3’ has got couple of Aryan Sigdel and Priyanka …

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