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Khayo Dhido Halliyo Hidyo video by Tejas Regmi & Devi Gharti

Khayo Dhido Hallyo Hidyo is a Nepali Lok Dohori song which is very entertaining. In this song the life style of Nepali Youngsters is focused. The youngsters are getting so lazy that their work is just to eat and roam here and there. They has no work except pampering themselves. In this video the life of the villagers is shown …

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SUGAR PRESSURE BADYO video by Pashupati Sharma and Devi Gharti

SUGAR PRESSURE BADYO is a Nepali entertaining Lok Dohori song which shows the life cycle of the Nepali people. When they are in their young age they works hard and controls their food when they are young. there will be no enough money to afford whatever they like and they gets married raise their family and works for their family …

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Aanshu Pani video by Bishnu Khatri & Devi Gharti

A new Nepali folk song has been uploaded on official YouTube channel of Music Nepal which is among the most popular YouTube channels of Nepal. Hundreds of Nepali songs and music videos are uploaded on the channel every week and it is very popular. The title of the new folk song that has been uploaded on the channel is Aanshu …

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