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Chicken’s meat is getting harmful to health, be careful

Meat of boiler chicken has been a part of dishes of middle class family from long time. Those who do not want to have red meat takes chicken and fish as alternative.But researches has shown that chickens product produce implying different chemical on it for commercial benefits the meat has been harmful for the health. According to researches done in …

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Good relation with neighbours can benefit your heart

A study has shown that having lovable relationship with neighbours can keep your heart healthy.According to researchers,the good or lovable relationship with the neighbours can benefit the health of heart.They have said that amicable¬†relation with neighbour increase social network and reduce the risk of heart diseases. Researcher in the University of Michigan, USA during their study they studied the heart …

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How often do you have Ketchup?

We all know the wonderful taste of momo or french fries or samosa when dipped into tomato ketchup.Even thinking it probably makes our mouth watery, isn;t it?But every coin has two part and every thing has two side than can be seen.And the ketchup you have also have both good and bad effects. This ketchup makes the food even more …

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