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Do you have habit of washing chicken’s meat? then leave it from now

If you have habit of washing chicken’s meat before cooking it than leave it from today.Scientist have warned that it is not good to wash meat before cooking. According to them when the chicken’s meat is washed then bacteria named as campilobacter get spread which make the dish of meat poisonous. Because of the report published in The Telegraph where …

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Food that helps to appear bold

Is your self-confidence getting low?You may be waiting around for something good to happen and has probably got tired and frustrated.Then stop waiting.the studies has shown that food can also help you to appear bold.And boldness is what everyone want in their life.Here are some food that can help you to appear bold. Pumpkin: Fiber, vitamin, minerals and many other …

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Coffee cleans blood artery and reduce heart diseases

The recent study has revealed that taking coffee regular cleans the artery and reduce the risk of different types of heart related diseases. The study carried out on 12 thousand men and women has showed that some cup of coffee in a day actually reduces the risk of blood clot which is meant to be risk factor of hear diseases.In …

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