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Taking fish can be beneficial to brain

It has lately seen that people with mental diseases have enough sea fish and be careful about their time for outside world can recover from their mental state.This -having sea food specially fish and being careful to daily outside work , can actually help by effecting the chemical serotonin of present in the brain. This has been brought out by the …

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Not only Pomegranate look for it peels too

You people may know the benefit of pomegranate but but may be most you do not know about the benefits of its peels or skin.Yeah actually not only permanganate its peel is also useful in various way.If it is that beneficial then why not investigate about it. There is antioxidant available in peel of pomegranate too.This help skin from acne …

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Mental problem, timely food will rescue

Human body is a kind of that machine which works with balanced manner.So Living a structured life with regular meal times and early bedtimes can lead to a better life and perhaps even prevent the onset of mental illness, suggests a study. Our daily sleep-wake cycle is governed by an internal 24-hour timer — the circadian clock. However, there is …

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