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Sirak Tanatan Song By Tilak Oli

The folk Nepali Song has changes it’s shape into modernization. The feelings and presentation of Folk song has been modified into a glam. “Sirak Tanatan” is also the glam folk song which carries the comedy and fun between husband and wife. The lyrics of Tilak Oli has been filled with the voice of himself and Aarati Khadka. Tilak Oli has …

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Interview with Folk singer Jyoti Magar

Jyoti Magar is a folk singer. She was born in remote village of Rukum. In the very first age or school age she used to sing songs. She studied in western city of Dang. She sang lots of popular folk songs like ‘Pirati ma Dum chha’, ‘jimmal baauki chhori’, ‘Uhi Mulako Sinki Uhi Mulako Chana’ and many others including teej …

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