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JHUM JHAM video by Saugat Ojha,B Star

Jyoti Magar is the most popular and well known names in Nepal. Jyoti Magar is a folk singer and a model who loves getting into controversies. Jyoti Magar is both loved and hated. Some people love the fact that she is so open and is not shy but some hate her because she is making the folk music industry foul …

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Interview with Model and Singer Jyoti Magar

Jyoti magar is one of the Lok Dohori Singer who came from western Nepal. She started her journey from the song like “Uhi Mulako Sinki, Uhi Mulako Chana”, “Jimaal Bau Ki Chori”. She told that she thought she didn’t thought that people will believe her so she started her songs giving it to sing others. She is a good singer …

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K!$$ Le Matayo By Raskoti Magar & Puja Magar ft. Jyoti Magar

Jyoti Magar have indulge with a great problem these days. Her daily life have been messed up with the K!$$. A k!$$ have created a big issue in her life. But this is the emotions of the music video song which has just been released in market. Jyoti have acted in [email protected] and se$$xy way in this new music video …

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