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New Nepali Folk song featuring Jyoti Magar

Jyoti Magar is the most renowned name in the Nepalese music industry. Jyoti Magar is Nepali singer and model and she is the hottest topic right now. She is very popular because of her explicit acts in Nepali folk songs and her songs are also very naughty. Currently she is being featured in many music video because of her popularity. …

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Suntala Kera video by Jyoti Magar

Jyoit Magar is a very popular folk singer and a model. The videos related to her get thousands of videos on YouTube and now she has came up with a new folk song. The title of the song is Suntala Kera and it is a very $e*y and h^ot folk song. The song is itself has double meaning and the …

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karuwa Tel | Pushkar Sunuwar | Jyoti Magar

Jyoti Magar have again made her singing with singer Pushkar Sunuwar. Jyoti Magar is too much excited with her another project with Pushkar. She is hoping that this song will also do best as her another song. This song is karuwa Tel, where the video is yet to come. However, enjoy the song with Jyoti Magar and Pushkar Sunuwar’s recording …

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