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Ramailo, Its Saturday video

Friendship is the greatest relationship we share. This is the relationship that we choose, and there is the truth in such relation. When someone gets sad hurt, there will be the friends who will pick them up. Though they will be young kids or adult or old age people they will need friends. Here is the song ” Ramailo” which …

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Karkaliko Paat video by Sunita Gurung & Jeevan Pariyar

As the festival of teej is on the door and we can hear lots of music video related to Teej song are coming on different channels and in YouTube too you can hear such songs. Here the latest song “Karkaliko Paat” is been released. This song is very entertaining as the love between lovers is shown on this song. In …

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Timilai Kunai Pal video by Satya Raj Acharya & Milan Amatya

Satya Raj Acharya as well as Milan Amatya are known for their melodious voice. As their every song sound pleasing and touching equally. Here is the song which they presnted combinely. We can listen both of them on this song “Timilai Kunai Pal”, this song is very soothing as the vocal on it is very pleasing and the lyrics of …

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