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Hijo Ma Basne Timro Mutuma video by Sanjeet Tamang

Love is a very sensitive topic and there are thousands of songs related to love. The love song might be both happy or heart breaking and a new very heart touching love song has been released. The title of the song is ‘Hijo Ma Basne Timro Mutuma’ and it has now been uploaded on YouTube. The song is a very …

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Aama ko Kakhama video by Muna Thapa Magar

Love of mother is precious and only lucky people will be in the shade of their mother forever. Without mother who ever or how many relative you will have you will feel like a orphan. Especially after the daughter is married and sent to someone else home she feels so alone without her mother, she will miss her childhood how …

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Timile Ghrina Garepani video by Pramod Kharel

Sudarshan Chapagain at his worse because of rej*ction by actress Shilpa Pokharel. New music video of song by popular Nepali singer Pramod Kharel has been released. He has filled his beautiful voice in the sentimental lyrics written by lyricist Padam Rokaya. The lyrics of the song have tries to reflect the feeling of love that does not decrease even when …

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