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Due to unemployment and poverty, many Nepalese skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled manpower are in foreign countries to earn money. Due to this, country is facing scarcity of manpower on the other hand, per capital income of Nepal in increasing. Due to foreign employment many disadvantages are facing by Nepal and Nepalese people with only one advantage of increasing per capital …

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Nepali lok dohori song by Amit Babu Rokaya

Latest Nepali sentimental lok dohori song about the life and family of those Nepali who are in foreign country for employment, presented by Biwash Thapa and Prem Prakash Ukhira title ‘Pardeshile Gareko Chokho Pirati’ is now available at market and social sharing online site through YouTube from the official subscribe channel ‘Kabiraj Buddha’ which is released on 16 February, 2017. …

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“Saili” by Hemanta Rana

Latest Nepali music video, indicates the life of those families whose family members are at foreign countries, is about those family who are far from each other at the time of sharing love and feelings and is about those family who see the beautiful dreams for future and k!ll$ their happiness in present, is now uploaded in YouTube from GH …

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