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“Aaja Nisthuriko” video by Shital Limbu

Latest Nepali music video song with the sentimental, alluring and divine lyrics of Krishna Thapa Magar with matching, beautiful, marvelous and attractive music composition of Bikram Waling Rai, title ‘Aaja Nisthuriko’ is presented by singer Shital Limbu. This song is presented by singer and PnP Media house private limited which is released on 8 February, 2016 from the social sharing …

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“Bihe Pachhi Khulchha” video by Tulsi Gharti

Panchebaja is mostly used in marriage. This is one kind of national instrument that is used in most of the marriage. This is very entertaining kind of instrument and the music too comes that entertains people and everyone feels like dancing, once it is played. Here is the song “ BIhe Pachhi Khulchha” which is very entertaining song and the …

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Patthar Ko Man video by Bharat Rai

This song is very soothing and touching as it resemble the love that is giving pain to two people falling in love. Even when there will be deep and immense love between people sometimes they cannot fix their relationship. Sometimes relationship gets end even when there is deep love between them. Some people does a lot in love but nothing …

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