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Sakadina Timilai Bhulna video by Shreyasi Chemjong

A new Nepali modern song has been released and the music video of the song has also been uploaded on YouTube. The title of the song is Sakadina Timilai Bhulna and it is a very sentimental and emotional modern song. The singer of the song sings how hard it is to live with out someone when you fall in true …

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Fashion Le Khayo video by Tika Pun

With time the change in Nepali folk song can be seen very clearly. Nepali folk songs are getting more modern and are catching up with the current trends and changes. A new Nepali folk song has been uploaded on YouTube and it also has some modern twist to it. The title of the song is ‘Fashion Le Khayo’ and it …

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Pahilo Kiran video by Naresh Gautam

A very sentimental song has been uploaded on official YouTube channel of Music Nepal. The title of the song is ‘Pahilo Kiran’ and it is a very emotional song. Through the song, the singer is trying to express the feeling of a single father who lost his wife and every day he missed her. He wants to see her in …

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