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Bhaggema Nai Runa Lekheyachha video by Raj Kumar Sangeet & Sarita Saragam

Bhaggema nai runa lekheyachha is a very tragic song where you can see a story about a family with husband wife and a son. This was a happy family but with something wrong and misunderstanding there came the distance between them and they separated with each other. But even if they got far from each other, they couldn’t live happily …

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Bich batoma chhodera video by Puskal Sharma & Sandhya Thapa

Bich batoma chhadi gayau is a very touching song filled with pain and emotions. When the same day turns out different it is hard to accept it similarly when everyday you meet the boy and you are in relationship and you were happy all the time with the one you love but certainly when the one you love takes someone …

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Rato Sari video by Sumit Khadka

Rato Sari Chaubandi is a Nepali [email protected] song and here is the song video of this song where you can see a deep love and [email protected] between the two lovers. Boy is overwhelmed with the beauty of his girl, he just don’t want to take off his eyes from the girl and he is describing how beautiful is the girl …

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