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Hasaye Thoraile Ruwaye Dheraile video by Manoj Raj

Aalap Studio Presents New Nepali Modern song ” Hasaye Thoraile Ruwaye Dheraile”. This song is very sentimental and it carries the emotion on it. In this song video you will find the result of misunderstanding. When misunderstanding and trust issues comes in between relation everything gets away, the relationship gets so weak and that breaks. Here too you can see …

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Dhuja Dhuja video by Kamal Khatri

Dhuja Dhuja is a Nepali love song which is very soothing and it sounds very pleasing. This songs is filled with the feeling of love and emotions. Some people gets so deep in love that they stop thinking about anything else except love. They just waits them, they just want them even though they don’t get same thing on return. …

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Malai birsera video by Swaroop Raj Acharya

Channel 4 Nepal has presented a brand new modern sentimental Nepali song and the song has also been uploaded on official YouTube channel of Channel 4 Nepal. The title of the new Nepali modern song is Malai Birsera and it is a very sad and heart touching love song. The song is about two lover and the [email protected] they have …

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