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“Gultiyo Jhilke” video by Tanka Budathoki

Gultiyo Jhilke is a Nepali entertaining song where you can see a young man who think and pretends himself as a hero and he feels like no one can do anything for him. Even the traffic cannot do anything, he hits the traffic as well and he never obeys them. In this video you can she his behavior. He had …

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“Gajalu” New Nepali Movie Song “Rang Ranga”

Gajalu is a upcoming movie and the teaser is released already and it seems to be a great love story and here in this video we can see the recently released song from “Gajalu” “Rang Ranga”. In this song we can see the group of people playing the great festival holi. They are really enjoying in this song as we …

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“Kahile Rati Nindra” video by Bimala C Pradhan

Most pa#inf*ul and sentimental Nepali song presented by Vibes Digital Nepal Private Limited about the feelings of girl who love a boy in her life but never being together with him. According to this song, she never able to sleep even at night time because her mind, heart and all happiness are already gone with that boy and the remaining …

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