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“Jale Ma Jaley” video by Kamal Khatri

Nepali modern pop song presented by The Rebel Creation Private Limited with the most popular and acceptable singer, Kamal Khatri about the life and obstacles faced by a lady who worked as air hostess. She die@%d according to the song in in aeroplane cr@$hed. Her love never forgot him and is burning by vision and thinking about her and time …

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“Wara Wara Sardai Sardai” video by Pushpa Raj Basel

Nepali modern and rom$ant!ic pop song presented by Vir#g^in voice Private Limited with the beautiful, marvelous and alluring lyrics of Pushpa Raj Basel is about the feelings of boy who like a beautiful girl. This song is released on 13 May, 2016 through YouTube, a sharing online site for videos, from the official subscribe channel of Music Nepal which is …

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New music video Dil Chor by Rupak Dotel

Singer Rupak Dotel has brought new release this year. He has released song “dill chor” with a music video.Audio for this song is given by Music Nepal Pvt.Ltd.this song is totally a romantic song.The song is in the lyrics of Sheetal Kadambinee Gurung which just catchy. The music for song is by Badal Ghimire which just adjust the vocal of …

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