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Spanish Television and Discussion Regarding Nepal

Barcelona Spanish Television Doss made some arguments and discussion regarding Nepal’s recent earthquake and blockade of India for India. Under the Doss TV(Aa Punto Con la dose) , the discussion regarding Nepal was broadcasted live. Lewis Belbisa, who is working in Spain for the past 30 years as a commercial banks ambassador, Non resident Nepali Association International Coordination Council Member …

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M@*t!ng snakes seen video

In Nepalese culture seeing two snakes [email protected] is considered to be very lucky. As snakes are worshipped as gods in the Hindu society seeing a pair of snakes mate is a very lucky thing. There are many other myths related to snakes. But a strange video related to snakes has been uploaded on YouTube. In the video two snakes can …

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There is the agreement between India and Nepal – Prachanda

The chairman of Maoist “Prachanda” told that the blockade that the India did will be opening soon. Regarding this subject he had talked with the Indian Ministers, so he confirmed that the blockade will open soon. In the program “The consistency of people is for the people” Prachanda told that the blockade will open soon. He said that the problem …

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