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Nepal’s help and India’s success

India has been able to catch up a helping hand of Daewood Ibhrahim from Nepal.According to news agency , Central Inteligence Agency of India has been to custody so called great enemy Daewood Ibhrahim’s 2 friends of India with the help of Nepal. Abdul Patel and Abdul Satar are these two people. Both have been sue as a mur$*rder of …

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Donation plan of former king Gyanendra Shah to earthquake victim

Nepal was hit by a massive 7.9-magnitude earthquake Saturday, k!lli*ng more than 6,000 people so far, injur!*ng more than 10,000. Nepal’s former monarch Gyanendra Shah with his daughter in law Himani leaves for India to meet Komal Shah. In TIA the reporter asked former Gyanendra about the situation after quake. Shah told the donation plan for earthquake victim. He also said …

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No food, no water debris inside house

The people of Sindhupalchok live by joining their arms with Kathmandu’s people but after the devastating earthquake occurred in Nepal, the people of Sindupalchok feel apart from Kathmandu. Sindhupalchok district is a part of Bagmati Zone and one of the seventy-five districts of Nepal. Eighty percent of the 60,000 houses in the Sindhupalchok district were destroyed. From last Saturday people of …

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