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Story of Babita Sedhai who survived from historical disaster

This must be the things like fate and luck to survive in the area of Dharahara who got crumbled up into the massive earthquake lately this Saturday. And it actually leave all of us startled that two people actually survived this disastrous situation. This is the story of Babita Sedhai who survived this historical disaster along with her friend. May …

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Sindhupalchok district after massive quake

In Sindhupalchowk district the death toll has reached 1500 people and is expected to rise. Watch the situation of house & people from Sindupalchowk district after massive quake in Nepal 2015, was hit by 7.6 magnitude on Saturday. The earthquake led to an end of the World Heritage site, Durbar Square. The video shows the horrifying pictures of the shattering …

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Earthquake hits Nepal

After the massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake rumbled Nepal, again 6.6 magnitude earthquake hit in mid night. Watch the video below which shows the destruction of &.5 magnitude earth quake in Nepal. Information Minister Minendra Rijal claimed that we need support from various international agencies in order to survive this disaster and handle the emergency situations with more knowledgeable and equipped …

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