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Gruesome scene after Quake in Gorkha

Hundreds of villages in the central Nepalese district of Gorkha were among the hardest hit by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck the country on Saturday. The remote and mountainous region, home to an estimated 270,000 people, is struggling to evacuate survivors, with rescue efforts hampered by landslides. As per latest data 391 people d!*ed. Simjung 71, Gumda 51, Lapula 26, …

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83 years old person Min Bahadur going to climb Mt. Everest

Min Bahadur Sherchan wants to conquer Mt. Everest to create a record. He is 83 years and 9 months old now. If he succeeds to climb Mt. Everest, he will be the oldest man to conquer it. He had already done paper works to climb Everest. He created the record of the oldest person to climb the Everest when he …

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India getting doubts on China liking Nepal with railway

India has published news doubting and pointing things out on the Construction plan of Railway from China to Capital of Nepal in its famous news channel India TV. India thinks that this a move from China to dominate India by impressing their common neighbour country Nepal. China is building 540 km long railway linking the capital of Nepal. So India …

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