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Elephant attack on Bara, 13 people were killed

Since late year there is wild elephant’s attack is increasing day by day at Bara. Though there was elephant’s attack in the past in case of crops,it used to destroyed their crops only, but nowadays wild elephant are being harmful for the people. They are attacking on the people. At the time there are 13 people were killed of this …

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Ways to quit the habit of smoking

Once a person addict to smoking they actually can’t even imagine to quit it. But that not the thing, one can easily quit smoking. So for this strong self confidence for quieting smoking is required at first. With this self-trust and self confidence today, more than 10 lakh persons per year has succeed in quieting smoking. So its important to …

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A person who carry a car in his shoulder

Kathmandu.. the following picture is of a old man ‘Dhanbhadur Gole’. He is only a live person who carry a car in hilly road for Kathmandu valley in his shoulder. he is 92 years old now who got the pain in his soldier for the Rana Prime Ministers. Rana’s intentions are espically travelled by luxury car but the good road …

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