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Naukholi Tarera video by Rabindra Subedi & Laxmi KC

Naukholi Tarera is a Nepali Lok Dohori song where you can see a people who loves each other immensely. They in song have mentioned that they came f!ght*ing with many things just to meet them. This song is shown in a Dohori Saaj, which is a place where the culture and tradition is followed by the people to entertain the …

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Mayako Doro video by Subash Sharma Rijal

A new Nepali Folk song has been uploaded on official YouTube channel of Music Nepal. The title of the song is ‘Mayako Doro’ and it is a very traditional and sentimental folk song. The song is a very sentimental and emotional song. The singers of the song try to express the feelings of a couple who get separated because of …

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Nasha Piundai Chhu video by Kulendra Bishwokarma & Purnakala B.C

Nasha Piundai Chhu is a Nepali tragedy song where you can see the broken love. When people gets deceived in love they adopts alcohol as their company. Life is not easy to live alone and when you get habitual to someone life gets easy but when the same person leaves you you start doing drugs and being alcoholic for company. …

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