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Maya badhdai gayo video by Bimal Paudel

‘Maya badhdai gayo’ is a new Nepali Folk song and it is a very romantic and emotional love song. The song has been uploaded on YouTube and it is presentation of Him Samjhauta Digital. The song is about a couple who feel in a very deep love in a very short period of time but unfortunately they have to get …

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Jhalko Aucha Saro video by Rajkumar Baniya

A new Nepali folk song has been uploaded on official YouTube channel of Music Nepal. Music Nepal is among the biggest and the most popular Nepali YouTube channels and is known for uploading new songs and music videos. Now a song Nepali folk song titled ‘Jhalko Aucha Saro’ has been uploaded on the channel. The song is a very fun …

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Bullet Ma Chadera video by Bandhana Pandey & Dipendra Thakuri

Bullet Ma Chadera is a Nepali Dohori song which is presented in a modern way. Previously most of the lok dohori song used to reflect the cultures and traditions but with the demands the western culture has been entered and that you can see on most of the folk song this days. This song represents the love of the two …

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