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Due to unemployment and poverty, many Nepalese skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled manpower are in foreign countries to earn money. Due to this, country is facing scarcity of manpower on the other hand, per capital income of Nepal in increasing. Due to foreign employment many disadvantages are facing by Nepal and Nepalese people with only one advantage of increasing per capital …

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Nepali folk song “Marne Miti”

Latest Nepali folk song presented by Bhawana Music Private Limited with Samir Adhikari and Nabin Gorkhali about the love relationship and love from the side of boy towards girl. This song is about the time of [email protected] Everyone said that the [email protected] time is unfix because we don’t know our life time and our future period. This song “Marne Miti” …

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New Nepali Lok Dohori Song Police Wala Video by Sandeep Neupane

Latest Nepali lok dohori music video song presented by Ambika Music Private Limited about the life of Nepal police and their duty towards the nation as well as people title ‘Police Wala 2’ is now available at social sharing online sites and market too. Production, distribution and all legal terms and condition of this song are made under the banner …

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