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Timi Aayenau video by Ram Krishna Dhakal Ft. Sanjeevani

Bindabasini¬†Music Presents a beautiful song “Timi Aayenau” which is very pleasing and the lyrics are very touching. It like when you wait for someone for long but that becomes worthless and that feelings are kept on this song which you can feel on it. As the music of this song is very touching, every beats and pitch on this song …

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Sannani video by Ramesh B.K. Ft. Keki Adhikari

When a boy loves a girl or he likes a girl, he makes a way to follow her. Wherever she is he tries to look her indirectly. People fall in love without knowing anything, they knows nothing and they just fall in love and they feels like staying in front of their love. Here in this song in a journey …

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Tyo Jhil Jhil Sitara video by Keshav Lama

When any boy likes a girl he tries to get her anyway, he starts to flirt with her saying that she is so beautiful and he makes her feel like she is the most beautiful girl in that world. Girl feels it beautiful and she starts to fall in love with that boy thinking that he likes her and she …

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