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Timilai Kunai Pal video by Satya Raj Acharya & Milan Amatya

Satya Raj Acharya as well as Milan Amatya are known for their melodious voice. As their every song sound pleasing and touching equally. Here is the song which they presnted combinely. We can listen both of them on this song “Timilai Kunai Pal”, this song is very soothing as the vocal on it is very pleasing and the lyrics of …

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Kohi Bhanchha Maya video by Reshma Sunuwar

Every people has their own preception regarding love. Some takes love as a real and some takes it as waste of time. Some believes in it and some doesn’t. Love is an amazing feelings that gives happiness as well as sadness. Some people get phophorous life with the love but some person’s life turns out hell due to love. It …

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Jeevan Yo Rahe Samma video by Sunil Giri

Some lyrics of the song are so touching that you feel like listening it all the time. Some songs are even hit without the videos but with the audio with beautiful music and lyrics on it. And the song that carries the vibes of the love are more entertaining. Most of the people start imagining their love life listening some …

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