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Manko Raja Khojdai video by Melina Rai Ft.Unica Gurung & Kumar Angdembe Abi

Kaha Chhau Kaha is a beautiful Nepali song which is very soothing and heart touching. This song talks about the dream boy which a girl sees on her dream and she wants her in the real life. People often see someone in their dream, they dreams to be loved and when they see such person they wants to meet them …

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Sagai Jiune Marne video by Pramod Kharel

Sangai Jiune Marne is a very beautiful Nepali song filled with lots of sentiments on it. This song shows the people who are destroyed in love. We feel love and we start decorating lots of dreams about future and we start to get habitual to them and it gets so hard to be without them and when there comes the …

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Bistarai video by Nimesh Shrestha

A new Nepali pop song has been released. The title of the new song is ‘Bistarai’ and the music video of the song has been uploaded on official YouTube channel of Sharina Production. The song is a beautiful pop love song. The song is very modern love song and the singer of the song describes the girl he loves through …

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