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Majja Hunchha Beglai video by Junu Rijal

A new Nepali folk song has been released and the title of the song is ‘Majja Hunchha Beglai’. The music video of the song has also been uploaded on official YouTube channel of Music Nepal and it is a very fun and flirty folk song. The song is like any other typical Nepali folk song but it is a very …

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“Timi Bina” video by Amit Babu Rokaya

Loving is easy, to get in relationship after being in love is very easy but to give it continuity and take it to the next step is often hard. There comes various obstacles in between but those who conquer it will get succeed in their love otherwise they will be separated. Most of the time parents comes in between the …

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Hridaya Ma Jawaniko video by Shreeman Thulung

Hridaya Ma Jawaniko is a love [email protected] song with a pleasing love story on it. With the increase in age people will have different wants and wanting someone to love and being with them is also one of the wants of the age and same vibes is on this song. Here is a story about a boy and girl, they …

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