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Jaba Timi video by Kedar Baruwal Kshetri

Jaba Timi is a beautiful song which shows a love story of a blind girl. It is the feelings when someone cares you, you gonna feel like they loves you and they has the same feelings as you have. Than you start getting butterflies, you will feel each and every moment so glad that even being so imperfect you got …

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“Bitauchu din” video by Ambika Bhattarai

Bitauchu Din is a Nepali modern song which is very soothing and the lines in this song is wonderfully written where the voice in this song is very pleasing and the video is presented very beautifully. This song is the love song where the girl is expressing her immense love to the boy. Love is a beautiful feeling and that …

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Marchhu Bhanthyau video by Pratap Das

Many times in life people ten to underestimate the people who love them and take their love for granted. But these people only realize what they have taken for granted after they lose that person. This is the very normal truth of life and many of us tend to do it very often. A new song has been uploaded on …

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