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Timi Jawan Bhayau video by Sonam Maharjan

Growing up with time is natural phenomenon of life. A child is born and with time grow up and later gets old and dies. But there is a time in the middle some where which is called the youth. This is the time of life when people are the most energetic and want to explore everything. They want to do …

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Jalayo Nisthuriko video by Pabita Pariyar.

A new Nepali sentimental modern song has been uploaded on official YouTube channel of Highlights Nepal. The title of the song is ‘Jalayo Nisthuriko’ and it is a very sad but very beautiful song. There are many time sin this world that people fall in very deep love but because of some reason they stop to love each other or …

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Jhalko Aucha Saro video by Rajkumar Baniya

A new Nepali folk song has been uploaded on official YouTube channel of Music Nepal. Music Nepal is among the biggest and the most popular Nepali YouTube channels and is known for uploading new songs and music videos. Now a song Nepali folk song titled ‘Jhalko Aucha Saro’ has been uploaded on the channel. The song is a very fun …

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