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Pramod Kharel song compilation

Pramod Kharel is among the most popular Nepali modern singers. The singer is very talented and his songs are very melodious and beautiful. The singer’s songs are very beautiful and related able which makes him among the most demanded singers in Nepal. The singer is very popular and his music videos get thousands of views on the internet. Now official …

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KALE KALE KETALE video by Durga Kharel Ft. Pramod Kharel

There are no any boy when he see a girl starts to flirt and here in this video three of the girl is been stared by the same boy and they are fed off with this. This is the song filled with full on entertainment with the s*xy and h*ot dance move of the girls. Arjun pokhrel composed the music …

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Timi Dekhi Tadha by Pramod Kharel

Timi dekhi tada is a sad love song which is very touching and emotional song that shows the true love story. When people are in love nothing comes on their mind except the one they love, the world gets blurred in front of the one they love. This is such a beautiful song that is heart breaking and many people …

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