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Galti Bho By Pramod kharel ft. Keki Adhikari

Galti Bho is a love song which is very entertaining and pleasing on the same time. The lyrics of this song is written by Devendra Chhetri and the melody on this song is filled by the popular and most demanding singer Pramod Kharel. He has sang this song in a very entertaining way. Every beats and the line of this …

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Jab Ahile Ma Ritto Bhay by Pramod Kharel

A new Nepali pop song has been uploaded on official YouTube channel of Pareli Films. The title of the song is Jab Ahile Ma Ritto Bhay and it is a very sentimental and sad love song. The song is about a guy who loves a girl very much but he gets rejected by the girl in a very bad way. …

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Adrishya Ghau By Pramod Kharel

ADRISHYA GHAU is a sad Nepali tragedy song. When the people feels the pain that comes out of the word may be Rajendra Bhatt felt the same. Some wounds are hidden, these might seem simple but this gives the pain more than the serious injury that is the wound of love. When the people feels in the heart that is …

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