Talk Show Dhamala Ko Hamala with Balkrishna Dhungel

Dhamala ko hamala is a Nepali show that comes in the Himalayan Channel. In this show the popular journalist Dhamala takes the interview with the various re-known faces of Nepal. He does the question straightly whether it is good or bad, and he strongly asks the answers with the people. The people gets sweat answering his questions. His questions are like the knife which seems like it is about to stab you. Here is the video of the interview of Dhamala with the politician Balkrishna Dhungel. He is the minister who belongs to Maoist party.

In past years this party was like a terrorist and there was a lots of wars between the Nepali police and this party, later on this party included to the political party on Nepal. Balkrishna Dhungel is a dedicated Maoist party who has done lots of $tr*uggle on this party and even he went to the pr!son due to his bad deeds as well. In this show Dhamala is being asking the question very stra!ghtly as well as str)ngly. He is giving the answer his way but he is been stopped in middle and the more question is fired over him that brought out sweat on his face but he is giving his answer strongly as well.