Tarkaliwali Chayawala | New Nepali SuperHit Song 2073

Lately we got lots of news on Tarkaliwali and Chayawala. One of the photographer captured them on his camera and they got hit on every social sites and markets. Every news media covered their story, and even they were offered to enter in the media industry and develop their career as a model or artist. But the girl denied with this and he told that she will be focusing on study for now. Every people are knowing about them as they are gaining huge popularity as well.

Here is the song video which is based on their story. One of the cameraman captures the picture and than they got popular everywhere. Even the people were eager to have selfies with them which is shown in this music video. And the love story as well as life style is shown in this video which is very entertaining. Chiranjibi Sapkota wrote the lyrics of this song where the music is composed by Kamal BC Maldai. Sandhya Budha and Sajjan Dhami felt the melody on this song and this is very entertaining. Chiranjibi Sapkota directed this song video where the cinematography is done by Basu Baral and edited by Ramit Oli. Sushila niraula Bimli, Ganesh hamal, Arabindra Bhattari, Chiranjibi Sapkota, Nirajan Adhikari and Ramesh Hamal are the main artist of this song who carried the story on this song video