The leader Kumar Ghaite

So called hooligan leader Kumar Ghaite who was in the top of the list in the most searched has been reported to have d!ed after being $h0t by police. Currently the police is mute about the topic. But according to sources that the police have admitted Ghaite to the T.U Hospital Maharajgunj claiming that he is inj*ured.

Shoot!ng Sport
Residence of Ghaite

घटना स्थलमा घैंटे

Ghaite in incident point

He $hot during the chaos with the police located at Kapurdhara, Kathmandu. Police claimed that Ghaite started $hooting bullets after seeing the police and they had to $hot in the reply of it. Police of Crime Investigation Division were [email protected] by Ghaite at Samakhusi located Kapurdhara at around 11:30. Police stated that Ghaite’s bullet got struck on the ground.

Police has @ccused him for extortion and other !llegal activities and listed him in the most [email protected] list. A year ago hooligan leader Dinesh Adhikari ‘Chari’ also was $hot by police during encounter.