TIMI BINA video by Anju Panta

TIMI BINA is a beautiful song that describes the sad love story. When people leaves you there will be only memory left and that memory k!lls you every time. Such a beautiful theme carrying song is written by Laxman paudel and the music of this song is also composed by him. Anju Panta who is one of the popular and demanded singer and who is known for her melodious voice has felt her melody in this song. Laxman Paudel directed this song video and Prakash Dhakal and Manju Pokhrel are the artist who is carrying the story on this song. The story of this video song is very emotional and touching.

Sometimes when people are so happy it is said that their others keeps eyes on their happiness and that fades away. Here is same thing like that. They both are love in each other and they were happy with each other but their luck was not with them. They got an @cc!dent on which the boy d!es and the girl is left alone. That is such a heart breaking inc!*dent one can ever face. She is in pain but on his memory he left a baby inside her and she is carrying the baby with her.