Timi Sanga Maya Priti video by Nirmala Ghising

Timi Sanga Maya Priti is a beautiful Nepali Love song which is very r*omantic and entertaining equally. When you love someone, you wants them to be with him forever. You feel happy when they are present near you. You will love to be with them. You don’t want to get away from them. Such their presence makes you happy and you want that time to be with you forever.

Here in this song too you can feel the girl. She loves her man very much and she wants him to be with her every time. She seems to be girl from village and she wants him around always. She gets interest in doing things when he comes near her and it makes her feel complete. She want to love him forever, she wants to be with him forever. You can see how much she is happy to be with this man.

Dipesh Pradhan wrote the lyrics of this song where the melody is filled by Nirmala Ghusing. Dipesh Pradhan himself filled the music on this song. Sabina and Prince are the main models on this song. Their love chemistry is shown in this song, they both looks so happy to be with each other. Basanta Maharjan (BJ) did the cinematography of this song video which is been directed by Suman KC.