Timile Nai Bhantheu video by Pramod Kharel

Timile Nai Bhantheu is a love tragedy song which carries the heartbreaks in the love. People in love wish to get the person they love for the entire life.

They don’t want to lose them in anyway and mostly they don’t want their love to be with someone else and here is a very heart touching song by Pramod Kharel. Pramod Kharel has given lots of hit song which are very touching and pleasing and this song is his another song which is very touching and pleasing. The pain in love can be felt in this song.

The pain of losing someone, the pain of seeing the one you love with someone else is seen here. The tragedy in love is shown here. Nandita KC and Raghav Acharya are the main models of this song and the story of the song is based on them as they are presenting this song in a very natural way.

Such a beautiful song is written by Baburam Bohora where the music is composed by EK Narayan Bhandari and the beautiful video of this song is directed by Shiv B.K. In every relationship there is little pain but the pain of losing someone and seeing them on the arms of someone else is very terrific.