Timle Chhodi Gaya Pachhi video by Himal Magar

Love is the most beautiful and the most important thing in the world but many times people tend to miss understand infatuation with love. People think that they are in love with someone but in real life they are only attracted towards them because of something.

It is a very common thing and the relationships based on infatuation often tend to fall apart very soon. But situations get hard when one is actually in love and the other is just infatuated. A new Nepali Modern song has been released and it is also related to infatuation and true love. The title of the song is Timle Chhodi Gaya Pachhi and the music video of the song has been uploaded on YouTube. The song is a very sentimental and emotional song. The singer of the song is trying to express the feelings of a man whose love left him at a very critical state. The singer of the song Timle Chhodi Gaya Pachhi is Himal Magar who has also written the lyrics of the song. The music composer of the song is Dipak Sharma and the music video of the song has been directed by Milan Karki.