Tin Pane Khayar Kancha video by Nova Limbu

Pareli Films Presents “Tin Pane Khayar Kancha” which is a very entertaining song. As a girl grows up many guys keeps their eyes on her.

She will be the center of attraction of many people. Here is the song on which you can see the feelings of the grownup girls and boys. Deben Chemjong wrote the lyrics of this song as the music is also composed by him and the voice in this song is filled by Nova Limbu.

This song has a h*ot and s*xy dance and you can see a wonderful performance of the boy and girl. The boy likes the girl as she is grown up and the girl as her nature she says that many people likes her and she is been targeted by many boys but she is not being able to select. She asks suggestion with her friends if she could believe that man who is drunk and is saying that he wants her.

Milan Karki is the director and editor of this song as the cinematography is done by Santosh Dhakal and you can see the models like Chanda Dahal , Anil pariyar, Saroj Chaudhari and Raj kumar Chaudhari as a main role in this song.