Trailer of Doctor $tr@nge an upcoming American superhero film

The first trailer of the English  movie “Doctor Str@nge” have finally dropped  in worldwide. This first look of the movie shows the my$tery tour with the science and gods have reigned supreme. Thus, you can forget about that this time around and check out this tralier. 

The trailer of the movie amazes  us with the  Str@nge’s journey ,which is to find The Ancient One, as well as her initial methods of conditioning . The doctor go through  the worlds beyond of his own. The fortune and the life of a doctor completely changes after a tr@g!c @cc!dent which leaves him unable to carry on as they once had.

Through out the my$ter!ou$ and $tr@nge journey of the doctor, he traveled different ancient places. Among those ancient places, some of them are Nepal’s most historical and monumental places too. The view of Nepal’s most important places have just added some more flavor in it. Nepalese people have  been humble to see their home country in the Hollywood movie.